About Us

“Torino Group, Inc. has compiled an enviable track record and have earned a respected reputation in the real estate industry.”

Torino Group, Inc. is the result of decades of successful real estate development, construction, and property management. Our beginning in 1985 was followed by the development and construction of numerous and successive premier properties within California and Arizona. Cole C. P. Torino, the President of Torino Group, Inc., rightfully takes pride in his ownership and extensive development and management experience.

Since our formation in 1985, we have evolved into a highly motivated and effective company with broad-based capabilities predominately focused on the multi-family residential sector. Time honored practices have created an enviable track record and respected reputation. Our premier portfolio of properties has distinguished themselves from their competitors and has provided exceptional financial returns. Our specialization has allowed us to develop unique capabilities in areas such as market analysis and property repositioning. Torino Group, Inc. has excelled through several unique economic cycles, and innumerable social, legislative, demographic and market changes. We bring true know-how based on the wisdom of experience. These advantages benefit our clients and partners in all areas of our business.

Torino Group